IFE Infare Tokens Whitepaper

Our MVP is an automatic token exchange manager that uses language and image-based AI algorithms to predict air travel & rail travel and transport movements in short and long-term trends and optimizes wallet portfolios accordingly.

Our business model is composed from smart contracts, users inputs, distributed database, financial maintenance, and community. It is tightly connected with the characteristics of DLT and built around IFE Infare Token functionality. Our business model relies on the users’ activities that increase the network value and who are incentivized by token rewards and use tokens as means of payment within travel industry.

IFE Infare Token functionality revolves around cryptocurrency exchange concept with additional functionality that involves interactions within IFE Infare Community of travelers, financial operations in IFR DLT eBank and Infare Network including travel & transport data.

Mission statements for IFE Infare Network

Complement Internet network with holarchic architecture based on the infare organization described by Piero Mella in The Holonic Revolution (Mella, 2009) and inspired by the recent advances in quantum network hybrids operating on swapped photon entanglements (Khadilkar, 2020) 

Infrastructure applications including data from Travel & Transport operations fed to the network to optimize and analyze its movements.

Introduce quantum algorithms and AI in the network for multidimensional data analysis in the cloud.

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IFE Infare Whitepaper
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Consortium IFE Infare Partners

IFE Infare ~ AlphaData


AlphaData is a Danish company than offers analytics and data base architecture and administration within big data systems related to graphene data.

IFE Infare ~ Private Institute ~ Nature Science

Private Institute ~ Nature Science

The basic premise for PINS research is to determine direct factors influencing central nervous system (CNS) and endocrine feedback system for regulation and balancing human life functions. This is done by adaptation of scientific methods such as LORETA, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and EEG Biofeedback to open and close BBT (ang. Blood Brain Tunnel).