Infare Travel INN

Infare Credits for Internal Payments

Infare Tokens are used to incentivize transactions for travel-related services and products on the network. Internal transactions will be primarily conducted using Infare Credits, a payment and reward system for the participating actors. Infare Tokens Hybrid separates these two mechanisms of value holding, which serve different objectives. Infare Tokens can be converted into Infare Credits, but not the other way around. Credits$ are used in a decentralized Infare Travel which enables community members to conduct transactions involving exchanging services between members and other cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Bitcoin, NEO) with popular exchanges. The Infare Credits can only be used within Infare Apps and only by the purchasing public key. This helps with the security since they cannot be resold when taken over. Infare Credit private keys can be therefore held in low security areas.

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