Mission & Vision

Infare Mission Token

Infare Mission

Infare 4PL Transport Tourism Tokens Travel Project supports projects based on the knowledge in the field of DARQ systems generated in DLT network.

The mission of the Infare 4PL Transport Tourism Tokens Travel Project has its raison d’être in the idea created and propagated by Consortium Travel INN and in the realization of projects under the Consortium Travel INN innovation initiatives.

Infare 4PL Transport Tourism Tokens Travel Project for DARQ (DLT, AI, XR, and Quantum Technology) issues DARQ coins as Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance tokens

4PL Transport Tourism Tokens Travel Project is based on supporting the ideas that carry benefits to society.
Infare Vision Token

Infare Vision

The vision of the Infare Tokens Project is to create a support system for the development of projects aimed to implement innovative DAQ & DARQ technologies, primarily . Infare 4PL Transport Tourism Tokens Travel Project envisions establishing community governed as a DAO and striving towards the activation of the human awareness of their information, quantum and intellectual levels in relation to the structures of information networks and subliminal perception of reality.